The organizational activities aim to develop in the students personal discipline, mature responsibility, and selfless cooperation for the greater good of the community.

Types of Activities

  1. Spiritual

    These activities impress on the mind of the students the necessity of communal worship as an indication that individuals recognize their inherent dependence on God. They aim to focus the students’ attention to a hierarchy of values based on gospel truths and service of fellowmen. These activities are part of the Religious Education Program. Attendance, therefore, is required regardless of religion.

    Activities: Liturgical Celebrations (i.e., First Friday Adoration, Observance of Advent and Lenten Seasons, Marian Devotions), Recollection and Retreats, Prayer Rallies and Processions, Bible Services, Basic Ecclesial Community, Outreach and Immersion Programs, Parish Involvement

  2. Social

    These activities are intended to train the students to act properly in the company of others on various occasions, to make use of their leisure hours profitably, and to show them how enriching the personhood and company of others can be.

    Activities: Interactions, Promenade

  3. Academic and Cultural

    These activities are supplements of classroom activities. They are intended to expand the intellectual and cultural horizons of students exposing them to the wider field of reality outside.

    Activities: Convocations and Assemblies, Academic Contests (Quiz Bee, Speech Fests, Debates, Declamations, Orations, Drawing, etc.), Outbound Education, Experiential Learning, Symposia, Fora, Student Congress


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